About Us

A foresighted person-Mr. Soni Prakashchandra Shantilal, started his journey long back in 1970 to achieve his desired goals and endless dreams. Although he belongs to a very very small town called “Upera”-Dt.: Unjha, (Guj) , he is always ready to stand to obtain great success which he has dreamt of. For this he made Ahmedabad as his “Karmabhumi”-Motherland.

By putting great efforts, he started in 1985 a wholesale firm named “ Soni Prakashchandra Shantilal Jewellers” and in continuation to this with great success in a short span of three to four years he started a retail jewellery showroom in Ahmedabad.

After this, he never turned back and by experiencing these many years “Suvarnakala” has been achieving the best goodwill in whatever ornaments it sells-like Gold, Diamond and Jadtar.


Suvarnakala is determined to be the best in the world for the ornaments of Gold, Diamond and Jadtar. By spreading its wings, it has started an unstoppable journey, which will certainly led it to the top most position to prepare ornaments.


Suvarnakala believes in becoming a role model in the industry by respecting all the standards. Parallel to this maintain all the quality standards and make the attractive and fascinated ornaments of Gold,Diamond and Jadtar

Suvarnakala has purely understood that the ornaments is the only adore of a woman. Addition to this it is giving great importance to all ornaments, because, when woman wears the ornaments with a strong inner feeling to look a greatest amongst the other women on the earth. Every design or ornaments are being prepared with care, cent percent quality control and state of art technology. Hence we never ever compromise to justify this. We have been trying hard to provide always greater designed articles to our customers to make their selection easy from the large and huge quantity. So, obviously we consider “suvarnakala” as “The Pride Of A Woman”.


Can you believe that what we do not have ?

We do have:

Newer and unseen designed ornaments right from Earrings to Bangles, Pendant to Pohcha, Mala to Mangalsutra, Kansair to Kangan, chain to Halfset and so on.. on a larger scale. We are so specialized in Gold ornaments as we have the efficiency by adhering to the industry.


A very gorgeousJadtar jewellery is available at Suvarnakala only. In yesteryears Maharaja and Maharani were looking good by wearing these jewellery that all we know. We maintain this even today and by adding a taste of magic the sets prepared by us will surely prompt you by its realistic touch.


To wear even a single diamond is a dream of a woman, which we appreciate. The diamond collection on our premise is made by the well experienced artisans and this collection can not stop us to say a well thought and well designed surprised articles. A woman adorn by diamond it self says unsaid.